Welcome to Bennington Financial Corp., a Canadian owned company that was established to provide corporate support functions for newly acquired Bodkin, as well as Equirex

Bennington Financial will provide accounting, human resources, information technology, collections, asset recovery and legal support to Equirex and Bodkin to allow both companies to focus all of their resources on providing a superior leasing experience to their respective clients. Through its two brands, Equirex and Bodkin, Bennington Financial will provide the market with competitive and innovative leasing products, as well as unique and creative solutions to assist new and existing businesses in financing their growth and their dreams.

Equirex was established in 1996 and provides customized commercial equipment leasing solutions for large and small businesses. It specializes in the sub-prime market segment and is well known for its unique products and services. To learn more about Equirex, please visit the website at www.equirex.com

Bodkin is one of Canada's oldest equipment and vehicle leasing companies and has been in business for over 50 years. The company specializes in the prime and near-prime market segment. To learn more about Bodkin, please visit the website at www.bodkin.com


Larry L. Mlynowski, MBA
President & CEO,
Bennington Financial Corp.

"Our goal in establishing Bennington is to build our position as the best commercial equipment and vehicle leasing group in Canada"


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